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Medical Management and Development, LLC

Medical Management and Development, LLC (MedMD) is committed to providing high quality, affordable billing and accounts receivable services to the medical community.  MedMD is grounded in the belief that our clients should be compensated in a fair and timely manner for the services they have provided.  It is our mission to be diligent, effective and compliant in accomplishing specific client objectives at unrivaled rates with measurable results.

MedMD’s full range of billing services is centered on the needs of our clients. We are goal oriented, provide unparalleled access to our staff and work in concert with the latest technology to introduce individualized systems, review claims and analyze benefits. We have established a foundation built from certified personnel and in-house staff to oversee day-to-day operations and relieve office managers of administrative workload, freeing time for patient care and expansion.

Billing & Collections

Low rates, between 3 and 8% of collections
Accurate and timely billing, coding and collections provide the foundation for financial success. MedMD’s services are designed to ...
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Aged Accounts & A/R

Improve cash collections with MedMD’s Aged Accounts services. Our trained staff is dedicated to diligent follow-through ...

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Medical Resources

Links to Medical Resources that Health Professionals will find essential in establishing their practice ...

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Our Technology

MedMD’s end-to-end business approach allows our client’s to use their existing in-house software or integrate MedMD’s state-of-the art hardware and software systems ...
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“In today's medical marketplace, the ability to access a network of billing professionals is no longer a luxury; but rather a necessity in order to provide physicians with the tools to achieve important professional and personal goals."

W. Arthur Smith, MD

“If you are committed to making a positive change in your practice, the staff at MedMD can guide you on the path you will need to travel to make it happen.”

Debra Lau, MD

Our MedMD certified professional coders guided us through all of our billing questions. A tough subject made into a very simple process. An invaluable resource!”

Renee Mitchell,
Medical Assistant